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- Two Projects Combined as One - 

The Documentary:
"A Faith Journey of a People, Dakota and Christianity"


The Documenting:
"Preserving the Oral History of the Christian Dakota"


Forerunner Multimedia Films LLC is the video production arm of

Celtic Heart for Christ Ministries LLC.

Celtic Heart offering you an opportunity to financially assist in the continuation of these projects and ministry outreach programs. Our video library of completed works is available on DVD at various financial support levels.  




Dakota "Faith Journey..." Documentary Series

"Faith Journey of a People, Dakota and Christianity"

Parts 1 & 2 of documentary series in one 2 disc DVD set - $40.00

Disc 1 - "Introductory Overview" A 28 minute overview of the 180+ year history of the Dakota Presbytery.
Disc 2 - "The Beginning, 1835" A 51 minute video that examines the first missionaries to the Dakota           people, including the cultural interactions and challenges each experienced from 1835 to 1862.



Faith Journey of a People - Parts 1&2
40.00 USD

This is a fundraising offer to assist in the continuation for the production of the
"Faith Journey of a People..." documentary series.
This 2 disc set features:
Part 1 - "Introductory Overview"
Part 2 - "The Beginning 1835"


Dakota Presbytery Interview Series

Over a period of several years video interviews were recorded documentating the history and personal stories of members of the Dakota Presbytery.  From 2012 through 2016, I, with the assistance of Rev. Bob Offerdahl  and my wife Debbie, visited all the reservations where the Dakota Presbytery is present.  The resulting collection is now available on DVD in four 2 disc sets. 

This is a fundraising offer to assist in the continuation of the "Faith Journey of a People" documentary series. These DVDs are available at various contribution levels.

Forerunner Multimedia Films LLC, appreciates your support.



-Set 1 -

"A Faith Journey

as Dakota"


$35.00 USD


May 2012

Upper Sioux

Community, MN

Dakota Presbytery

Spring Meeting



Walter LaBatte Jr.

Rev. Ken Lehman

Rev. Ron Moccasin

Carolynn Schommer &

Dean Blue

Fern Cloud



-Set 2-


Continuing the Legacy"

$35.00 USD


July 2012

Pine Ridge

Reservation, SD



Rev. Loren Robinson

Violet Robinson

Rev. Cecil Weston

Rev. Simon Looking Elk

Rev. Asa Wilson

Chrystie Adams

Rebecca Blackford

Rev. Karen Rupp

Tracy Nunez-Bates

William Beane 



-Set 3 -

"Voices of



$35.00 USD


May 2013


Reservation, SD

Dakota Presbytery

Spring Meeting


July 2013


Reservation, SD



Carl Lufkins Sr.

Clifford Canku

Gerald Heminger

Floyd DeCoteau

Gerald Amos

jacqueline Grant

Mary E. Kirk

Mathew Hacker

Rev. Enright Bighorn


Yankton Reservation

Basil Heth



-Set 4 -

"Histories of



$35.00 USD


July 2016

Fort Peck

Reservation, MT


October 2016

Spirit Lake

Reservation, ND



Fort Peck Reservation.

Harold Blount

Leonard Crowbelt

Jerome First

Ray White Tail Feather


Spirit Lake Reservation

Louis & Hilda Garcia



A Faith Journey as Dakota
35.00 USD

IS 001 - "A Faith Journey as Dakota" - Recorded at the Dakota Presbytery Spring Meeting 2012, Pejuhutazizi Presbyterian Church, Upper Sioux Community, MN

IS 001
Conversations - Continuing the Legacy
35.00 USD

IS 002, "Conversations - Continuing the Legacy", Recorded July 2012, at the three Dakota Presbytery, Presbyterian Churches located on the Pine Ridge Reservation, SD.

IS 002
Voices of Sisseton
35.00 USD

IS 003, "Voices of Sisseton", Recorded at the Dakota Presbytery Spring Meeting 2013, Ascension Presbyterian Church, Sisseton Reservation, Sisseton SD .

IS 003
Histories of Faith
35.00 USD

IS 004, "Histories of Faith" Recorded July 2016, Fort Peck Reservation, MT. and at the Dakota Presbytery Fall Meeting 2016, Bdecan Presbyterian Church, Spirit Lake Reservation, ND.

IS 004


All four sets of interview series - $120.00

All four sets of interview series + Documentary set - $140.00

Interview Series - Set of 4
120.00 USD

Dakota Presbytery Interview Series set of four

IS Set of 4
Interview Series set of 4 + Documentary
140.00 USD

Dakota Presbytery Interview Series set of four + Documentary

IS Set of 4 + Doc
Friend Supporter
5.00 USD

If you would like to be a friend of the "Faith Journey of a People...", project you can become a Friend Supporter.
Each unit is $5.00. You can select the number of units at point of purchase in Paypal.
All support is much appreciated.

unit 1


All DVD sets are meant for the private use of the financial supporter.  If public presentations will be made a

"Public Performance License" will need to be issued by Forerunner Multimedia Films LLC. 
The cost of the license is $225.00 in addition to the purchase of a DVD set.

One license will cover all DVD sets owned when purchased from Forerunner Multimedia Films LLC.  

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If you do not wish to purchase through Paypal but would like to purchase of one or more of the DVD sets, please send your request and check or money order to

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