A Spiritual Journey to Deepening Faith

 Skip Hall, has just published his first book. 


David Peale, His Soul's Journey to Spirit Land -

An Adventure into the Inner Realm of Spiritual Growth.

A fictional character telling the tale of the author's own spiritual journey of faith.

The stagnation of David Peale’s faith has left him wondering about the real value of being a Christian. Is trying to be a good person, reading the Bible and attending a church service all that is required to be considered a child of God? His disillusionment in the mind was battling with the spiritual anxiety in his soul. Instead of surrendering and continuing with a mediocre faith, David decides he must know more and have a deeper relationship with God. This desire from the inner core of the heart is the first step in an adventurous quest into the mysterious inner realm of spiritual growth. David Peale’s journey takes place in that special spiritual realm. Though his soul never actually leaves his body its experiences are with the Holy Spirit, in a place known as “Spirit Land”. Spirit Land is not heaven, but a place where the Holy Spirit guides an individual’s soul in acquiring knowledge. It is a methodological process with specific monthly themes such as one month will highlight God’s love and another humility and so on. This knowledge enlightens the soul to a deeper revealed truth of God and to expose the misconceptions and perceived understandings of truth that have been embraced by the mind and heart of man. At the end of each month David Peale’s soul issues a report to David. This book is the collection of those reports. One trip to Spirit Land is never enough for real transformation to occur. For David’s soul, two trips are documented in this book. Part one is his first trip where he learns more as to the nature of God and part two reveals who we are in relationship with God. It is the author’s hope that as you read David’s soul’s monthly reports you as well will experience your own journey in Spirit Land.

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