Images with a Message

A series of pictorial images with a message uplifting the name of Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation. These are meant to help empower believers to live as believers.

We have entered a post Christian era. Many Christians have stepped away from what we may consider the traditional church. Of these individuals some have joined with others and formed Home Church Groups, however, others have isolated themselves from the Body of Christ. This latter group are in danger of entering the “Desert of Spiritual Isolation.” As the heat in any desert increases thirst by drawing the water from your body, so the Desert of Spiritual Isolation increases thirst by drawing living water from your soul. Unfortunately, those individuals try to quench that thirst from sources that only bring a person closer to spiritual death. Jesus is the true source of Living Water. He brings forth His water even in the desert and His water becomes as an oasis for our whole being. Another important aspect of a life in Christ is fellowshipping with other followers of Christ. This interaction with other believers, whether large group or small, weaves a cord of faith with God that will not be broken. 

In John 16:15 Jesus tells his Apostles, "All that the Father has is His" and that the promised Holy Spirit will glorify Him (Jesus) by revealing to them that which is His. Unfortunately, I believe many of us, instead of seeking deeper understanding of what Jesus is saying we build a wall limiting this deeper knowing of our dear Lord and Savior. Ask the Holy Spirit to take you beyond your wall and discover the greater beauty of our King.

Scripture tells us to seek the face of the Lord God, creator of heaven and earth. That search leads us to "The Garden of Truth," where we must remove the mask we wear and expose our true selves to God with all our imperfections. Also, we must remove the mask we place in front of God and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to us the true identity of God not the one our dogmas and theologies try to describe.

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